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15 things you should know about me

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

After my little rebrand, I thought I’d do a little post for you to get to know me a little bit better. I’ve been blogging for a while and I know I don’t share much about me on Instagram or here, that’s why sometimes I think the engagement is not as good as I hoped. So in order to fix that, I’ve decided to do a little “What you should know about me”. So here it goes!

I like food. A lot.

I’m a foodie. I love eating and trying new things and also love to cook! However, I’ve been so lazy that cooking has become more of a burden. But give me Italian or Portuguese food anytime, and it will vanish quite quick.

I’m a dog person.

I absolutely love dogs. So much that I wouldn’t mind having a house full of them. Cats, on the other hand, are a big NO. It only took me about 27 years to be ok with them, but still wouldn’t have one.

I have a dog back home, cute little sky and he’s my favourite being of the whole world and I miss him every day. The poor baby is getting old (he’s 11).

My dog, sky

How cute is he?

I’m very expressive.

I’m one of those people that you can tell by my face if I’m happy or not. I swear I try not to show it, but I just can’t. So if you see my unimpressed face, you know something or someone has pissed me off.

I’m first generation Portuguese.

My grandparents are Cape Verdian, both my parents were born in Angola and I was born in Portugal. Talk about a multicultural background hey?

I’ve got a Masters in Marketing Communications.

Not that it has ever mattered to my career as I still get paid the same as everyone else, but I’ve got a masters degree. That was the main reason why I came to the UK.

I’m terrified of hill stops.

I love driving and I’ve had my driving license for 7 years now, but because I came to the UK soon after I don’t have much driving experience. My biggest fear? Hill stops. I get so anxious about it that even before I know I have to stop I’m already stressing out. Thankfully, before I got my car a couple of weeks ago I did some driving lessons here and it helped me a lot. I still use the hand brake but I’ve been avoiding hilly roads as much as I can.

I love football.

I am a massive football fan! Growing up in a family where all my uncles and dad played football and are major football fans is quite impossible not to like it. My blood is truly red so I support Benfica and Liverpool. What else?

Me wearing a LFC top for the final

Wearing my LFC top for the Champions League Final 2018

I truly believe things happen for a reason.

A lot of things that happened in my life are true proof that things happened for a reason. And having read The Secret, it even makes more sense to me.

I also believe in astrology.

Give me anything related to my date of birth and palm reading and I’m hooked. Most of the stuff I read was bang on and described me in a way I couldn’t even describe myself. I don’t believe in God or any religion, but I do believe in astrology and how moons and the universe influence people without us even realising.

I love Marvel movies.

Watching films and series is probably one of my favourite things to do. But Marvel movies are just the best (only second to Harry Potter). My favourite? Thor and now The Black Panther.

I also love a good crime show.

Following up on the previous point, I do love crime shows. How to Get Away With Murder, CSI, Dexter, Luther, are my favourite.

I love Harry Potter.

I love it so much that once I went on a date and said a joke involving Harry Potter and because he didn’t get it (he’d never seen it or read the books, whaaaat?!) I was automatically turned off. (It wasn’t a good date anyway). So yes, my partner has to like Harry Potter and my kids will definitely read the books and watch the films. My biggest dream is to go to the Harry Potter themed park in America, and I’m planning to go to the Warner Bros. Studios in London next year.

I’m a tea person.

I looooove tea! I like coffee too but will always choose tea over coffee. And it can be 30 degrees outside, I’ll still have a cuppa for breakfast.


My favourite place to drink tea is Leaf on Bold St.

Bags are my weakness (and shoes)

The reason why I don’t have more shoes or bags is because I don’t have where to put them. Even though I’m not into expensive clothing and accessories, a girl has got her dreams right? My dream shoes? A pair of Sophia Webster’s Chiara.

Dream bags? Valentino and Givenchy

Givenchy Antigona

Valentino bag

I’m really clumsy.

You’ll often find me tripping whilst I’m walking, which I pretend it just didn’t happen; dropping food on me or the floor. The most clumsy I’ve been? I went on a cinema date a few months ago and almost at the end of the film I dropped my drink of coke on me. I was lucky he didn’t see it happen, I was wearing black trousers and they dried quickly. Thankfully that didn’t scare him off.

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