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5 of my favourite places for a chilled cup of coffee/tea in Liverpool

Now that the colder days have arrived, one of the things I love doing the most on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon is going somewhere quiet for a nice cup of tea or coffee and a catch-up. I’m a tea drinker but every now and then I don’t mind a good caramel latte. Fortunately, Liverpool is the kind of city where you can find places like this in every corner. From within a walking distance of L1, the choice is so much that it was actually hard for me to keep it short, but here’s the list of my favourite places to go.

1 – Leaf on Bold St.

Wheater you want something to eat, drink or just a tea or a coffee, Leaf is the place to go. Because it’s such a great place, it’s normally very busy during the weekends, but the atmosphere is amazing. As you can guess from the name, Leaf has got a great selection of leaf teas, that if I’m not mistaken you can also purchase. So for a tea lover, this is definitely the best place to go.

(Also, their chocolate brownie is the best!)

The thing I like the most about Leaf, other than the tea, obviously, is the fact that even when it’s super busy, you still feel super comfortable and chilled.

Location: Bold Street

2 – Rococo

From all the places in this list, Rococo has to win for best decor! The small little room is definitely my favourite, and you can find loads of sofas to sit in all the four rooms they have if you’re looking for a cosy place to go.

They also serve a good selection of cakes and all day breakfast too. I normally go there for some cake and coffee, but in the winter I often get a cheeky Baileys hot chocolate.

They have recently shared a video they made, so you can just see how amazing it is.


Location: Church Street, opposite Barclays.

3 – Roots Coffee

Roots is actually a hidden gem in Liverpool. When I used to work as a waitress, this used to be the place I’d spend most of my breaks during the weekend. The owners are absolutely lovely, and the tea selection is, obviously, amazing. They have expanded a lot of their food selection, so if you’re looking for a quiet place for some food, I’d definitely recommend Roots.


Also. their hot chocolate is absolutely delicious!!


Location: Seel Street, just next to Tesco.

4- Malmo Mat

A Swedish based cafe, Malmo is another hidden gem. Unless you know exactly where you need to go, you won’t notice its there. But trust me, once you do, you’ll love it! The food is absolutely delicious and the coffee really good too! If you’re looking for a quiet place to chill or somewhere for breakfast/ brunch, this is a must go!

breakfast at malmo

Location: Hanover Street, next to Subway.

5 – Cozy Club

Last on my list its Cozy Club. It’s quite a new place (about a year old if I’m not mistaken), but actually quite nice to chill. I know they serve food in the restaurant area, but I’ve only been for a coffee. I’d recommend going there when the Christmas tree is up and sit by the window (if you can find a free table) and the view is great and it makes it feel more Christmassy


Cosy Club cup
Liverpool Christmas tree

Location: Paradise Street, opposite H&M.

So there you go. This is my list of some nice places to chill over the weekend in Liverpool city centre. There are loads more all around the city which I’m sure are as good as these ones. What are your favourites? Are there any places I should try? Comment below and let me know!

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