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5 Reasons why it sucks being single in your late 20’s

You know when you watch those romcoms where the female main character is single and in her late 20’s/early 30’s, and living the perfect life?

Well, let me tell you something that, if you’re single and in you’re late 20’s, you probably already know: this is not really true. Don’t get me wrong, I love watching films, and I used to love a romcom. Nowadays, being in my late 20’s and still single I realise that that kind of films is very unrealistic. At least to me.

So I’ll give you 5 reasons why I think being single in your late 20’s suck.

1. If you’re single and aren’t on a high salary is pretty impossible for you to live on your own.

In the typical romcom, the main character lives on their own. Well, with the housing market getting worse and worse in the UK, if you’re single and not in a well-paid job (over 23k, excluding London for obvious reasons), I’d say it’s quite impossible to afford a place all to yourself. I’ve been living in house shares since I moved to the UK and every time I looked into renting a place by myself I basically changed my mind right away. Every place that seems decent is at least £500 a month, no bills and unfurnished. For someone who is not on a great salary, unless you cut food and socializing, it’s not going to happen.

2. Remember Saturday nights in town? That doesn’t exist anymore.

Most of the women in those films go out on a Saturday night looking to have fun or find their next one night stand. Unless all of your friends are single too, or you like to go out on your own, that’s something that is not on the cards anymore. Unfortunately for me, all my friends are in relationships. Every now and then I like a night out in town, and I can’t actually remember when was the last time I went out out and had a great time. As you grow older you start to enjoy new and more grown-up things like going for a meal or a few drinks and being home by 10. Don’t get me wrong, I love doing that, but sometimes I wish I could just dress up and go out dancing.

3. All of your friends are either getting married, having kids or simply just settling down.

This part is kinda the same that in films, except it doesn’t seem to happen a lot. But with me, every time I go on facebook there’s someone that either announced their engagement, moving in together or having kids. And then there’s you that can’t afford to have their own place. I think this just seems to be the norm when you grow older. Everyone seems like they are getting their life together.

4. The pressure from friends and family.

This is probably the thing I hate the most. The questions. “Don’t you like anyone?” The statements. “You should start thinking about having a family.” It’s the WORST!

I understand that they want to see me with someone, but I wish they would actually understand that I am happy being single, and I’m too independent to ever feel the need to have a boyfriend to be happy.

5. The feeling that you’re doing something wrong.

This one, again, is probably quite similar to romcoms. I think we all hit a stage in our lives that we start questioning our decisions and life. When you’re single and surrounded by couples and feeling the pressure to be in a relationship, this can become quite an overwhelming feeling.

But let me tell you something, don’t give in. Don’t guide yourself from what others are doing. Everyone’s life is different, some people got it easy, some others getting it harder. And remember, your own happiness is at stake. Do what you gotta do to get where you want, even if it takes longer.

So there it is. Being single on your late 20’s is not great for the reasons I mentioned above, but I love it. Yes, every now and do wish I had someone to cuddle at night (i mean who doesn’t). But the fact I can have my bed all to myself makes it much better.

Also, as I also said above, I’m too independent and I’m super used to do things my own way and on my own. But that’s another post.

Have you guys been in the same position? Let me know what are things you dislike the most about being single.

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