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A review of my trip to Paris

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

We’re almost onto the 5th week of the year already, however it seems like the longest month ever! But even though it seems like it’s been January for ages, this was probably the best January I’ve had in a while. If you follow me on Instagram (if you don’t, you should!), you’ll know I’ve been to Paris last week! It was a bit of a spontaneous trip, as we only booked our flights like 3/4 weeks in advance and bought them really cheap too. But the thing I’m the happiest about is the fact that in the first 3 weeks of the year I managed to complete the item number 1 on my bucket list! So as you can imagine, I’m super excited for the year ahead!

Anyway. Paris. Paris… Paris c’est tres magnifique! I had only been once about 12 years ago and I always wanted to go back. So when the opportunity came, of course, I had to say yes!

We only went for a couple of days, but it was enough to feel like a Parisian for a little bit.

Notre Dame is so beautiful!

So, if like me, you’re planning a spontaneous trip to Paris, this is the list of things I think you should know before you go:

Paris is expensive

Prepare your purse. I didn’t really prepare myself for how expensive it was going to be and let’s just say thank god I had some savings and payday was this Friday just gone. Going out for meals is expensive. Not even Mcdonalds is cheap (7.60€ for a Big Mac!). But you will eat well. Since me and my friend really wanted to feel like Parisians (nr 1 on my bucket list), for our first meal out we went to a typical Bistro and I had the most French meal possible. Mussels and chips. And it was so good I could have it again right now!

Mussels and Chips

On the second day, we made a bit of some bad decisions food-wise, though our breakfast was good, it was a bit pricey. The place was called Le Voltigeur, and we were just walking around Le Marais when we found it. The waiter was very nice, and the place was super cosy. It was one of them places you could just sit for hours, chatting or just simply reading a book.

Your eyes are gonna eat so much.

Every time we walked past a Patisserie or a Macaron shop I was always trying not to look inside, but it was impossible not to look. I literally ate so much with my eyes, I’m sure I could have put about 5 pounds on!


But if you’re around, you need to go to Comme a Lisbonne. I know you’re probably thinking, “Why would I go to Paris and eat a Pastel de Nata?” Simple. They are just delicious and every given opportunity you should have one. Kinda like Macaroons, you just don’t say no to it.

Comme a Lisbonne - Pastel de Nata and espresso

If you’re vegan you are going to struggle

Not only food is expensive (even in the supermarket) but also very hard to find vegan and vegetarian food. Every restaurant I’ve been to only had about one vegetarian dish. And it was nothing really exciting.

Montmartre is so beautiful.

For me, Montmartre is the cool place. If I was gonna live in Paris, that’s where I’d live. There are loads of little independent shops, loads of fresh fruit shops and it’s just got this vibe that I loved. And also the fact that you have the Sacre Coeur on top and the view you have of the whole city is amazing!

View from the Sacre Coeur

Sacre Coeur

Another place I really liked was Le Marais. Full of independent, and high-end couture shops, but with an amazing vibe to it.

Buy the 10 journey ticket rather than the full day.

Its a way of saving money, and as everything is quite close (other that Montmartre to the centre) you can walk. I think on the second day we walked from Le Marais up to Chalet-Les Halles (a massive shopping centre!) and then from The Notre Dame to the Louvre. And the views are just so amazing you won’t even notice the distance.

Don’t go in the Winter.

Having been to Paris in the winter both times, I can tell you this: you either wrap up or you’re gonna be freezing. Temperature is pretty much the same as the north of the UK and it rains quite a lot too. And also, everything is always so much prettier in the Spring/Summer.

How much nicer would this photo look with the trees full of leaves?

Paris is great for shopping.

Remember when I said above to prepare your purse? Do it. In this case, not because shopping is expensive, it’s because the choice is so amazing, you’ll just want to buy everything and bring everything. I really am surprised I didn’t spend more on shopping! I only got a lovely bra from Etam and a shirt from Stradivarius (the shop I deffo miss the most from back home).

Another thing I loved is the fact you are casually walking around a random neighbourhood and you just look left and there’s a Givenchy or a Gucci shop.

Go watch the Eiffel Tour at night.

Left the best of for last. Paris at night is just beautiful, and I can’t even describe how. And seeing the Eiffel Tour all lighten up was just amazing, I almost cried haha. The first time I went to Paris I only saw it during the day and couldn’t even dream how it was like at night (other than from pictures). During the night, and at every new hour there’s this “light show”, where the tour is all sparkly and the lights twinkle for about 5/10 min. So so beautiful.

Eiffel Tour at night

And this is it from me. I have so many stuff I’d like to add but then this post would be super long and would be more of the same. As the aim of this very short trip to Paris was more of feeling like a Parisien and do other things other than just being a tourist and visit the typical places I thought I’d share more the experiences. Hope you liked it and just drop any questions/suggestions in the comment box!

Have a lovely weekend! xoxo

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