• Alexa Pereira

New year, New blog

Hi guys!

It’s almost February but hey, Happy New Year!

With me, every year is the same story. I have all these ideas of things I want to do, but then at the end I’ve accomplished maybe a 1/3. And one of them is always related to blogging. This time I am really committed and I am really going to make some extra time for it. If I have time for Netflix, I have time for this! (see, commitment!)

So first of all, Hello. My name is Paula, but you can call me Alexa, from Alexandra which is my second name. But I’ll explain later. My friends call me Scouse P. Apparently because after 3 years living in Liverpool I already have a scouse accent. Anyway, I am Portuguese and moved here to study, but then I fell in love with Liverpool. I mean how couldn’t I? Such a vibrant and lovely city. Amazing people, amazing architecture, amazing places. So I’ve stayed and don’t intent to live anywhere else in the next few years. Maybe ever. This is home now.

From me, you can expect some stupid life advice, laugh, irony (maybe a few bazinga’s), love and the occasional drama. From you, all I want is that you enjoy and laugh as much as you can. The odd comment won’t hurt either.

Hope you all have a lovely 2016. We only have 11 more months of it.



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