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New Year, New Goals

Happy New Year boys and gals!

Hope you all had a boss Christmas break and are all set with goals and positivity for this year! This time last year my mental health wasn’t at its best and I wasn’t happy with a few things in my life and going through a lot of stress, both at work and my personal life.

In March I ended up having a panic/anxiety attack which led me to the hospital one afternoon and about one week and a half later I was made redundant. Fair to say it wasn’t the start of the year I wanted.

However, that was an opportunity for me. Although I can get stressed and unhappy when things to go my way or well at all, I always seem to find a plan B quite quick. One month after I was made redundant I started a new job, in Digital Marketing (a bit of a step up in my career) and I’m happier than ever, since then.

And looking back to my last year’s goals, I managed to complete 5 out of 9, though 2 of them (buying a car and live on my own) were pretty impossible to achieve.

I know I’m coming late to the party but I’d like to share with you some of my goals for this year:

Continue to eat healthily and try to limit my consumption of meat.

I know I wrote about eating vegan/veggie in the past, but it became quite hard during the last couple of months.

Exercise regularly.

I have for the first time joined a gym last year, and for the laziest person in the world, that became a part of my life. I haven’t been since the beginning of November, but I am super looking forward to going back tonight.

Run a 5k and/or a 10k.

This was something I had on my list last year, but unfortunately, I never did. I’m hoping the gym will help me get the strength and by May I can do my first 5k.

Blog more.

I know, I say this every year. But since I’ve started writing again last year and started the Instagram account it’s giving me more motivation. So I will try to find the time, with everything else I’ve got going on.

Read more.

I used to read quite a lot when I was a teenager. For some reason (I think we all know this one), since I went to uni I just didn’t find the willingness to read anymore. And with smartphones taking so much time of our lives, I just never did. So now that I got quite a few books to read, I am actually excited about it.

Travel more.

Another thing I say every year and again never happens, so I always end up going home on my holidays. But this year it is a positive change. I am going to Paris in a couple of weeks and Italy in the summer. So yay! It’s happening.

And last but not least,

Enjoy life.

Take one day at the time, see any obstacle as an opportunity, turn away from negativeness, and focus on the positive side of things. I have been the happiest everytime I got away from things and people that were affecting my life negatively and that’s what I will continue to do.

I have a few more goals, that I would like to keep it for myself. I’m a believer that some things should be kept for yourself and if you truly want them to happen, don’t share it with anyone, and keep all positive energy on it. You only need you to believe you can do it!

How about you? Any exciting goals you’d like to share? Are you looking forward to 2018 as much as me?

Let me know in the comments below!

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