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Turning 28. What now?

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

So today I turn 28. Happy Birthday to me!

I’m not massively happy about turning 28 (it’s just one step closer to the big 3 0), but I’m excited to celebrate and what will come ahead.

In my previous post I talked about how I had a little bit of a hard time in February and how I’ve turned all that into opportunities. And guess what? This week was the best one I’ve had in probably the whole of last year!

Things took a massive turn and a lot of good things happened to me. Everyday I went to bed happy, and woke up happy. Which therefore made good things happening.

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll have seen that I started to read The Secret. Now, I don’t think that book is for everyone, but for me is bang on. I’ve always believed in the law of attraction, without actually knowing about it. So reading the book was very insightful to me.

And this week, was the first week I really started to see the effects of it. Gratitude, visualisation and happiness do change your life.

This week, I saw all that in my life: I drove for the first time in the UK after almost 6 years of living here. I had some amazing news from back home. I’ve been inspired from other people’s success and I’m genially happy.

If 2 weeks ago I didn’t want to celebrate my birthday and I keep getting a bit depressed with turning 28, today I’m excited!

I’m excited for what the future holds. And this is a good thing. Age is just a number and what matters is what you feel inside.

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