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We’re all hypocrites about the environment and here’s why

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

This past week we’ve all heard about Greta Thunberg being in the US and talking to the UN. If you haven’t come across her emotional video to world leaders in the United Nations climate summit, maybe you should have a chat with yourself. The scenes from the last two Fridays Climate strike all over the world have also made me regain hope. But one thing I’ve also seen a lot, is the abuse that Greta is getting all over social media.

This young girl has done much more than I hoped to do myself. She’s been in the front of this new climate change movement, trying to get corporates, governments and big organisations to do something about it. However, all I’ve seen is people moaning, pinpointing and making fun of her. I mean, when she went to America I’ve seen news articles that were talking about how environmental friendly was her boat. I’ve seen people saying “oh what does she know, she’s only a kid”.

The worst was one I saw on Twitter on Thursday. A woman sourced a picture of Greta, on a train eating food that came in plastic and she decided to have a go at her, as you can see below.

Tweet about Greta Thunberg eating on a train with plastic containers.

I just can’t anymore. I seriously can’t deal with people. What is she supposed to do? Not eat?!

I’ve been meaning to write about this for a long time, after many conversations with my fellow blogger Stacey from Attempting Life at 30, but today is the day my words are getting out there.

We’re all hypocrites. There I said it. And me included.

I know this is a hard one to admit, and I’ve admitted this long time ago. Every time I talk to my friends about the environment topic I say this.

So I basically want to say we should not feel guilty by not doing everything we can, nor should we pinpoint what other people are and aren’t doing, cause guess what? We can’t do everything! But doing something helps!

We’re always easy to pinpoint others about what they are and aren’t doing. Easy to tell them they’re doing wrong. But what are we doing?

I’ve recently started to write about the environment to help raise awareness and take you through my journey. I tell you things you can do to help the environment. But do I do it all the time? No. Do I do everything? No. Do I try my best? Hell yes!

In this post, I wrote about my experience with reducing the usage of single plastic and how supermarkets are not doing enough. Now, I could not buy plastic-wrapped fruit and veg. I could either buy them separately or order from the organic fruit and veg shop that does delivery subscriptions. But why am I not doing it? Because it costs a hell of a lot more money. I am single, live with two friends and each buys their own food. I’m trying to save money for a house. How can I afford things if I’m going to spend more on food when supermarkets should be doing more? You go to Europe and most of fruit and veg actually come loose and you pay by kg instead of per item!

Everybody knows plastic is hard to avoid. What am I supposed to do? Starve because the food comes in plastic?

I’m going back to what I have said before. We’re all hypocrites. Said it again. And this is all because nowadays it’s very hard to make ethical decisions. Do I spent more money, meaning I can’t afford to save for a house, or do I help the environment?

We should all accept one thing. Everyone is doing whatever they can. Some could definitely do much more than what they’re going. But we shouldn’t pinpoint individuals like you and I. We should pinpoint and shame organisations, governments and corporations. They are the ones capable of making decisions that will impact the environment much more than a young girl eating a vegan salad that came on a plastic container.

So instead of judging what other people are doing, let’s look at us first and make the changes each one of us is capable of doing, without feeling guilty we can’t do more, because we can’t do everything!

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